Glenn Red

Resident DeeJay
Glenn Red - Resident DJ (Afro-FUnke')

Glenn Red - Resident DJ (Afro-FUnke')

In his serene and softspoken way, Glenn Red is quietly forging a loyal following among fans of eclectic music, steadily rocking crowds at the west coast's most respected venues.
Spinning rhythmic patchworks of afro-latin sounds, reggae, bhangra, hip-hop, soul and funk, his deejay sets stay close to music's organic roots, keeping warm, tangible sounds priorities within today's progressive dancefloor culture.

With deejay residencies in both Santa Monica (AFRO FUNK? Thursdays) and East LA (ECLÉCTICA, 2nd Sundays @ Eastside Luv), Glenn's multi-faceted selections echo the deep, colorful and spirited energy of Los Angeles and its soulful people.